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Connect Survey – 4 Buttons

Connect Survey provides an easy way to collect instant feedback by customers.

Happy or Not Survey Button

Simple, 5 Button “Happy or Not” to alert Staff of your current restroom situation. Also ideal for customer surveys for Gaming Floor, Bistro, Bottle shop and or any areas where you want to manage customer responses


Ideal for small venues – Works independently of gaming loyalty systems. Real-time communication between patrons and gaming staff. Improved customer service levels.

Table Call

Eliminate waving, snapping fingers, long waiting lines and customer frustration. Giving your customers what they want when they want it.

Wi-Fi Cloud

Ideal for small venues

Works independently of gaming loyalty systems and restaurant paging

Wireless Watch 16

Uses a SC 16 Button High Powered Transmitter to alert up to 16 Wireless Watches


Wireless Watch 5

Simple Push to call Waiter / Runner – Uses a MMCall 5 Button TX with 5 x Watches


Wireless Watches & Beeper

Increase communication between members of the staff, as well as between staff and customers, making customer service easier.