Boomerang is the industry leader in paging solutions and provides superior products and services,
which help companies improve the customer experience.



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An Australian owned and operated business, Boomerang Paging Australia (a division of Brighton Technologies Group) specialises in innovative paging systems. Boomerang is the industry leader in paging solutions and provides superior products and services, which help companies improve the customer experience.

Easily manage your guests

trusted performance

  • Easily manage your guest flow

    With Boomerang Pagers you’ll easily manage your guest flow and create a quieter, more inviting atmosphere. Our on-site paging systems include coaster pagers, waiter pagers and WiFi Smart Watches, designed with the latest technology for trusted performance.

  • Trusted performance

    Over 80,000 Restaurants, Bars, Hospitals, Hotels and Resorts use Boomerang Pagers. Boomerang Paging Australia provides unsurpassed paging solutions at affordable pricing, with the best service and ongoing support.

  • Increase your profit

    Beyond meeting your paging needs, Boomerang Pagers will increase profit margins by reducing staff labour costs. Provides unsurpassed paging solutions at affordable pricing, with the best service and ongoing support.

  • Modern design

    They are built with a sleek modern design that is durable and easy to clean and features the latest in pager system technology providing seamless communications for your business.

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What Our Customers Say

Malcolm Ramsay
Chris Cope
Sandra Dawn Summers
Debbie Frugniet
Lisa Bird
Micheal Everett
Chemist Warehouse Australia
Panthers Group
Major Hotel Chain
Watsons Bay Hotel
Wenty Leagues Club

I am the Catering Contractor at the Seahorse Brasserie within the Gerroa Boat Fisherman’s Club on the NSW South Coast. We Seat close to 500 people with Views of the ocean, we are open every day lunch and dinner. Customers place their order at the till and are given a pager which we call when their meals are ready. We cook a lot of meals in a short time frame, i.e. everybody comes at once. I contacted BTG who showed me their Boomerang Paging System. The Boomerang Pagers worked straight out of the box, they are colorful and personalised for our Business with photos of our Views and Food on the pagers. I would recommend BTG Boomerang pagers over the competitor’s equipment to any establishment who require a Fast, Efficient and Reliable Paging System.  Regards

Malcolm Ramsay - The Gerroa Boat Fisherman’s Club

‘Our guest paging system is going well so far, in fact so well, another of our departments wants some. Thanks.’

Chris Cope - Director of Finance & Corporate Services St John of God Bendigo Hospital

‘As usual thanks for your assistance – nice to know good old fashion service – still exists.’

Sandra Dawn Summers - General Manager, Penrith Hotel Motel

‘The pagers are fantastic!!! They take up far less space than my previous system and…

Debbie Frugniet - Arundel Tavern

The system is great. This is our 5th year of business and I can’t believe we never did this before. It’s such a time saver!! Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Lisa Bird - www.charliespizza.com.au

Hi guys,
Hope you are all well. We have just opened our new Orange store and are looking to implement a paging system for customers to eliminate table service. The Boomerang system works extremely well in our Dubbo store and the team there love it. .

Micheal Everett - Operation Manager - Village Bakehouse Group

We are Australia’s largest Pharmacy group with 360 x sites in which we trailed all options and chose Boomerang Pagers on a fully managed Service solution which provided reliability, pagers exchanged after each 12 months of use, all pagers are covered, no matter what and hence why we use Boomerang Pagers. We have dealt with Boomerang now for over 15 years and are the best in their field and recommend them.

Chemist Warehouse Australia - Group Marketing – Chemist Warehouse Australia

Panthers is a multi-club Venue with many different food concepts and we have used Boomerang Pagers for 15 years. They offer a great product, great customer support and provide old for new pagers each and every year, which increased the reliability and resolves the pager not working, which has increased the dining experience to our customers, in all of our venues. Keep up the good work Boomerang !

Panthers Group - Group procurement at Panthers Group

We have used Boomerang for several years, then decided to buy our pagers from a competitor, what a letdown, so were back with Boomerang, very happy and have reliable paging in all of our venues.

Major Hotel Chain - Major Hotel Chain located in Crown Nest

The Boomerang Pagers have been in our busy Hotel for over 12 years and have over the years trailed other products, but we continue to go with Boomerang, due to their reliability, premium service, support and competitive price. All of our venues use Boomerang products

Watsons Bay Hotel - Watsons Bay Hotel

Our Club has several busy food operations all using Boomerang Pagers. We use them as they offer the world, but deliver which is why we highly recommend them.

Wenty Leagues Club - Wenty Leagues Club

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