Wireless Watches & Beeper

Improve Communication


Increase communication between members of the staff, as well as between staff and customers, making customer service easier.

Improve Service


Respond to concerns and questions faster, making customers happy, and allowing more customers to be helped more often.

Increase Efficiency


Save the time of calling an employee, or looking around the building for them. Let them know they’re needed no matter where they are.

How It Works?

1 – Call Button


Choose which message you want to convey through the staff paging system. Certain buttons can be for all staff members, or specific ones. More Call Buttons can be added to the system.

2 – Waterproof Watch and Beeper


The waterproof watch and beeper will display the message with an OLED light that’s easy to read. Waterproof watch and beeper can be configured so that certain buttons will activate them. Alternatively, specific buttons might call all the beepers and watches.

3 – PC Paging (optional)


An optional feature provided is a pc paging system, which increases the amount of potential messages sent, and allows for more versatility. With this option, the pagers can be called from any computer, tablet or mobile device.