Table Call

Eliminate waving, snapping fingers, long waiting lines and customer frustration. Giving your customers what they want when they want it.

Table Call

TableCall can alert wait staff from any table when a customer requires service. Increases drink sales and table turn-a-rounds.

Boomerang Paging provides the ideal solution for restaurant paging communications. The TABLE CALL has been developed to provide seamless communications between venues and their customers.

Since calling a waiter is a simple button press on the remote Table Call unit, customers now get all the attention they deserve and relax when they are visiting your Restaurant, Cafe or Bistro.

The system helps INCREASE SALES by providing prompt and quick service to customers, creating faster table turn-a-rounds. Ideal for Bistro’s to page a “Drink Waiter” to the table.

The 1- 4 key Call Buttons are widely used in restaurants, hospitals, cafes, internet cafes, food courts, hotels & resorts, golf driving range, beauty saloons, skin care clinics, SPA & slimming centers, fitness centers, offices, childcare centers, clubs & casinos, hospitals and medical centres. When the customer presses a button on call device, the message will be sent to the receiver which will show various details such as table, room, etc.

• No waiting, signalling or snapping fingers

• Improves the relaxed atmosphere

• Increase staff productivity, customer service & sales

• Advertise space available

• Eliminate waiters over-servicing tables

• Reduce customer waiting time for service

• 1-4 key wireless button device: Service, Drink, Bill & Cancel

• Transmit distance: Up to 500 mts open space

• Option of Alphanumeric or Numeric Messages.

• Each message can be configure per cap code, message type or message.

• Escalation to a Supervisor pager if call is not answer.

• 67 x 44 x 14.5 mm ( 2.6 x 1.7 x 0.57 inches )



450-467 Mhz Synthesized

Supply Voltage


Battery Life

Aprox. 1000 Transmissions, 1 year Standby

Output Power

10 MW or 100 mW



Standard Deviation

± 4.5 KHz

Baud Rate

512, 1200 bps


up to 500 mts iin open area


67 x 44 x 14.5 mm

RX Pager

Alphanumeric or Numeric ( Selectable)