B3 Two Way Radio

The Restaurant and Hotel business is fast paced and quality communications is key to quality service. The B3 Portable Radio from BTG enhances efficiency by allowing hosts, managers, rs,


The user can directly download voice annunciation of different languages and also zone alert tone to the radio through the PC software based on the actual needs.

BTG PT3600

BTG PT3600 is designed to be light, strong and durable. Its high-capacity li-ion battery, Flash IC, PTT and ID ensures that it can meet your needs in a variety of applications.

Kenwood PKT-23

KENWOOD’s PKT-23 UHF CB two-way radio packs a lot of performance for its size: 1.5 watts of transmit power, preset CB 80 channels, and up to 15 hours of operation

Motorola CLP

The Motorola CLP Two-Way Radio is the sleek radio that gets the job done without getting in the way. CLP is small and lightweight, with simple one- button.