Vocovo Go

VOCOVO headsets offer simple to use wireless Team Communications, with crystal clear audio enabling your team to communicate instantly across the widest of areas.

Build around proven DECT digital technology, communications between staff members is simple and intuitive. Forget crackling two way radio’s poor voice quality, and barged in conversations. With VOCOVO conference technology, colleagues are free to concentrate on the task, not the tool.

  •   New lightweight & robust design
  •   DECT digital voice encoding means crystal clear audio
  •   Large Push-to-Talk button
  •   Up to 6 headsets can be conferenced simultaneously
  •   OpenMic feature allows hands free duplex speech
  •   Easy to use mute feature allows headset to be muted while speaking with customer
  •   Integrated battery with up to 8 hours battery life from a single charge
  •   Recharges in less than 3 hours
  •   Voice Prompts for volume and mute control
  •   Users share headsets, whilst retaining their own personal ear cushion and wearing style
  •   Dimensions Excl Headband (mm): 131 L x 50 W x 18 H
  •   Weight (excl. headband incl. battery): 27g
  •   Frequency: 1.880 – 1.900 GHz (DECT)
  •   Battery Voltage: 3.7V DC
  •   Range: Up to 120m. Range can be extended with multiple cells and repeaters