Ultra Paging System

Ultra Voice Pagers will increase profit margins by reducing the high cost of staff labour. You can add individual message to pager.

Ultra Paging System


• Ongoing Premium Warranty for life of the rental – Includes dropped, damaged, abused and even missing /lost pagers
(conditions apply)

• Fixed monthly or quarterly fee that is fully tax deductible

System swap-outs / upgrades every 12-24 months to ensure reliability, if required

No ACMA License Fees

Advance Replacements of equipment, if equipment ever needs to be swapped over

No freight charges on equipment services of advance replacements


• Australia’s market leaders for over 20 years in all types of onsite communication solutions

• 100% Australian owned, designed and distributed globally

• They are the most durable and reliable pagers in the world!

• IP54 Rating – water and dust resistant

• Added feature of advertising space on the pagers

• 24/7 Premium Customer Service

• More than just paging systems! We can cater to all of your onsite communication requirements

With Boomerang Ultra Paging System, you will easily manage your guest flow and create a quieter, more inviting atmosphere. Boomerang Ultra Pagers will increase your profit margins by reducing the high cost of staff labour.

Ultra are VTF plus Voice Alert capable for up to a 10 second customise message

Boomerang Ultra Voice Pagers offer you the added option of a personalised Voice message or MP3 file in place of the Tone alert. Customise your pagers to your venue with Boomerang Ultra Voice Pagers.

The Boomerang Ultra Pagers are ruggedly constructed to survive in tough environments. They have an IP54 rating which means they are water and dust resistant. They also have an advertising panel to help drive your sales and promote your events and specials.


The Boomerang Ultra Voice Paging System has a personalised voice message option to the standard vibe, tone, flash pager. You can now add your own individual messages for your customers, such as


“Thanks for choosing our restaurant, your table is now ready”. “Thank you for dining with us, your meal order is now ready”


Or add an MP3 file with your favourite tune.


Boomerang Ultra Voice Paging System – Customise, Personalise, Monetise.

  •    Stackable Racks of 20 pagers
  •    Advertising Panel on pager
  •    Bright LCD Pager Number
  •    Vibe, Tone, Flash or all
  •    Voice Message option
  •    Rechargeable/Replaceable batteries
  •    Systems in multiples of 20



Important: Please note that all “On Premise Paging Systems” may require On-site Licencing and/or operational licence fees. It is the responsibility for the end user to obtain them. Please visit www.acma.gov.au for more information.