Table Loc8

An efficient way to provide customer service. LOC 8 solves the problem of finding the table your customers have selected.

Table Loc8

Improve customer satisfaction – Reduce staff requirements – Late order alert – Customised reporting


Table Loc8 pucks offer an efficient way to provide customer service. Table Loc8 solves the problem of finding the table your customers have selected. Table Locator replaces wobbly table numbers with a smart CD sized “puck” that reports back its location when placed on a table. The Table Loc8 puck is displayed over the map of the restaurant on a screen at the service counter.

When the waitperson is ready to deliver the order, they glance at the screen and immediately see the location of the table. This eliminates waitpersons “hovering” and “wandering” while searching the restaurant for table numbers.

Is a Bluetooth table location solution which is reliable, simple to use and install and used by many of the leading restaurant, including McDonalds.

  • The Table Loc8 puck can be placed by customers anywhere on a tabletop anywhere in your venue
  • Multiple screens, tablets or even smart phones can be used by waitpersons and managers. The location is displayed on the restaurant layout map
  • Table Loc8 puck colour indicates when an order is overdue
  • Capacitive energy storage eliminates lithium battery related risks
  • Super-fast 2 min wireless charging, 2 day battery operation
  • Sealed construction, no connectors, to ensure long term reliability
  • No more searching for Table Numbers to serve food and drinks.
  • Reduces the number of staff required at peak times.
  • Reduced delay for customers waiting for their order, turns more tables.
  • No more lukewarm food and drink, improved customer satisfaction.
  • Wobbly table numbers are eliminated.
  • Guests can freely move with their Table Loc8 pucks between indoor/outdoor areas.
  • Simple operation, no training required.
  • Customized management report shows order fulfilment times & statistics.
  • Compatible with existing Table Number based restaurant solutions.
  • No hassle, simple installation.


Table Loc8 pucks are stacked up at the cashier’s counter on vertical charger bars. At the time a customer places an order the cashier gives them a Table Loc8 puck. When the device is removed from the charger bar a service timer is started for the order.



When the order is ready for delivery the waitperson checks the screen at the service counter displaying the layout of the restaurant. The Table Number is displayed over the table where the customer is sitting.


The customer selects a table, including indoor and outdoor areas and places the Table Loc8 puck on the table. The device identifies the table based on identity stickers under the table top and sends the information wirelessly to a screen at the service counter.



When the last ordered item is delivered, the waitperson picks up the Table Loc8 puck and returns it to the charger unit at the cashier’s counter. This deletes the order from the screen and stops the service timer.