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  • Ultra-Trac is our Real Time Location Tracking guest pager system which allows staff to locate and deliver the guests meal/order wherever they are in the venue.

  • The Pager Location is tracked in ‘real time’ throughout the venue and shown on a Smart Tablet available to staff.

  • With the Ultra-Trac system guests are free to move about the venue and staff can always find them.

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Each Ultra-Trac pager contains a tag which has a unique signal. Using a series of anchors within a venue to triangulate the signal, the Ultra-Trac pager is constantly visiable in real time. As customers move around the venue with thier Ultra-Trac pager, staff can see their location and when the meal or drink is ready, deliver their order directly to them.


Customer Locator


Ultra-Trac allows Customers to:

  • Move around the venue knowing staff will find them with their order

  • Have the convenience of changing tables without losing their order

  • Enjoy the venue without having to go back to the cashier to pick up the order

Ultra-Trac allows Staff to:

  • Find customers quickly

  • Deliver hot meals whilst they’re still hot

  • Deliver cold drinks whilst they’re still cold

  • Spend less time walking the floor looking for customers

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